Manege zum Tanz w/ Julien Bracht Live (Cocoon Recordings)

SAMSTAG, 01.11.2014
manege zm tanz

Elektronische Tanzmusik


Rhythm stepped into Julien’s path of life in the form of a drum set at the tender age of six and has since been his steady companion. The companionship turned out to be so compatible and fruitful that Julien decided to dedicate his life to music: he started to experiment with music production when he was 16 and finally enrolled at Frankfurt’s SAE Institute to study audio engineering. It was obviously the right choice because things got rolling around Julien. His records on respected labels like Playhouse, Cecille or Raum...Musik soon caught the attention of renowned DJs all over the world and he started performing at Frankfurt clubs. In 2011 he decided to give his live performance a very unique and personal twist by including in his setup an acoustic drum installation, going back to his very roots as a drummer. His live set is an amalgamation of all his talents as a musician, and every performance is different.
The year 2013 was crucial for Julien’s life as a musician. He started off by joining the Cocoon family and in the same year released the “Aime Light EP” on Cocoon recordings and contributed his track “Anthem Rhythm” to their Compilation M. He also published tracks on labels like Traffic or Pressure Traxx. In terms of Clubs and festivals, he had turned into one of the most sought-after fledglings of the electronic music scene and started travelling around the globe with his unique live performance. He was awarded No.4 Groove Newcomer of the year and No.9 from the Top 10 Live Acts of the year. But Julien obviously still had some energy to spare because in 2014, he also decided to launch his own label “Trust”. Trust represents contemporary break and emotional Techno music focused on the power of drums and groove elements. Concentrating on music by Julien Bracht himself, Trust also releases highly diverse co-operations and artists from among Julien’s closest friends. There is no doubt that Julien’s energy and his much-lauded talents will take him to many new horizons. So watch out for this one.


Julien Bracht Live (Cocoon Recordings)

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